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My favorite flies for Patagonia

Working as a fishing guide for many years in Chilean Patagonia, I have had experience with literally hundreds of fly patterns

My Dear Yelcho River

Two weeks ago, I returned to my favorite region, the Yelcho River and lake basin. This is an extraordinary

Not too far away

For most fishermen, there exists the idea that to fish for big trout you have to travel far. Most fishermen believe you need to seek out remote places very inaccessible, where only a lucky few can ever hope to arrive.

Fishing Small Streams PDF Print E-mail

We took some of our clients to fish several small streams on the surrounding of the lodge, we like to combine all kind of fly fishing, above all when we see the interest from the guests. During the week most of our guests fished small streams, they floated rivers, fished lakes and creeks. A normal week  here include to go to most of the habitats for trout, we go fishing for Rainbows, Brown and Brook trout trying any habitat where they can be. Of course float trips are our most common way to fish, but, we said, all the waters can be intersting, all ways to fly fish can be practiced in the many spots we have near in the area. In the picture we are with Bob catching a lot of small rainbows, for long times every cast had success, trout were willing to take dry flies during all day. Blue Dun and caddies were excellent for this river, sometimes we tried droppers which also worked pretty well. (midges or mayflies droppers)


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