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My favorite flies for Patagonia

Working as a fishing guide for many years in Chilean Patagonia, I have had experience with literally hundreds of fly patterns

My Dear Yelcho River

Two weeks ago, I returned to my favorite region, the Yelcho River and lake basin. This is an extraordinary

Not too far away

For most fishermen, there exists the idea that to fish for big trout you have to travel far. Most fishermen believe you need to seek out remote places very inaccessible, where only a lucky few can ever hope to arrive.

The Magic of Patagonia PDF Print E-mail

After fishing all day long Patagonia makes us to feel like nothing with its splendor, aside the graphite in your rod, and the boat, nothing else reminds us the modern civilization, no people lives there, and pre-historical mountains surround us, we are drifting over millennial highway of waters, looking the sunset, the peace comes to us like a magic gift of this land, suddenly the only thing that breaks this, it is a nice or big brown trout, another gift of this part of the world.

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