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My favorite flies for Patagonia

Working as a fishing guide for many years in Chilean Patagonia, I have had experience with literally hundreds of fly patterns

My Dear Yelcho River

Two weeks ago, I returned to my favorite region, the Yelcho River and lake basin. This is an extraordinary

Not too far away

For most fishermen, there exists the idea that to fish for big trout you have to travel far. Most fishermen believe you need to seek out remote places very inaccessible, where only a lucky few can ever hope to arrive.

Beauty of Yelcho PDF Print E-mail

Yelcho area is recognized by its beauty and even more by its fishing. The area is surrounded for glaciers, and endless primary forest how nowhere else. This area is not populated yet, above all after the Chaiten volcano made eruption, right now the population of this vast area does not reach eight  hundred people. This helps to remain its natural condition, such us the pure waters, the forest, fishing, and of course natural life. The area has the advantage that is accessible by comercial flights of small local airlines, this is because the town is the connection to other locations more south in Patagonia. Chaiten is a small port with pretty complete commerce to buy anything that we need for the fishing operation.

The Yelcho lake and the river have deluxe fishing, I would dare to say that has probably the best of the continent.  The finest fishing is right here, we usually fish only tiny caddies or mayflies, although also has great fishing using streamers and casting to the banks. This is a classic picture we took this last January, it is right where the river starts from Yelcho Lake. We had great fishing in the lake too, and the pleasure to catch big rainbows using big bugs, and sometimes even some caddies flies, all this doing sight fishing...what can be better than this? 


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