Season Report 2018-2019 Print

We are glad to say that last fishing season 2018-2019 in Palena was one of the good we have had so far in

terms of brown trout catches. We caught many brown trout over 22 inches, some of them were 25 26 inches brown trout.


Palena is a place located in Patagonia of Chile, it is one of the most secluded areas of our Patagonia, and offers one of the most remarkable experiences in fishing of our country. This last season was one of the best in terms of number of catching, and the biggest trout was in the middle of February, a 26,5 inches brown trout. Most of the time we did dry fly fishing for rainbow trout, simply unbelievable for most people who never experienced the our average size on dries, the average fish caught was over 19 inches.

Palena county is one of the places that people must know at least one time in their lifes, travel to South America is not only fishing, it is also know our culture mix of european and original people. However, it could be a place that anyone would repeat several times in their lifes.  Chile has a lot of fishing locations, but I would say after so many years going along my country, I'm sure that Palena has the most diverse kinds of fly fishing, with widest range of habitat and species in one location, here it's possible to catch Rainbow trout, Steelheads, Brook trout, Brown trout, Silver salmon, King salmon, and Chilean Perch-trout (not same of perchs). This is one of the things that most of the traveler fly fishers look for, a location that offers classic fly fishing, and many different habitats to explore. Our fishing expeditions to this far, and hidden location offers taste of the past times, specially perfect for who looks for quiet, and remote areas, who wants to see a river free of anglers, and the culture of the real country in the deep wild Patagonia.

For most of the fly anglers our country is one of the best trout fishing destinations on the earth, many of them come every year to relive fantastic fishing experiences in Chilean lands. For more of ten years we have been taking fly anglers to this secluded region of Chile, there are many uncharted waters all over this vast area. Just to mention, this area has the lowest human population of Chile, then for consequence has the highest and the most healthy natural trout population of the country.

Our mission is to provide high quality of fishing, we have been always looking to give great thrills to fill of pleasing fishing memories to the anglers, this is the reason we choose this untouched area. You can imagine is not the easier place to work in, but we find the happiness with the smile of our guests after to see the catches and the experience they got after a week being here. You can check out our photo gallery (clicking on this brown text)

To watch our HD fishing videos just click on this brown link, and enjoy your virtual trip to the magic Patagonia, feel like to be here in the most hidden south of the world.

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