Fly Fishing in Chile Print

Chile has countless bodies of water in the Lake District, in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

We can guarantee that as you arrive to any of these areas you will encounter many of the finest places for Fly Fishing in the world.
Patagonia offers many options for fly fishing, and without exception all them have pristine and clear crystal waters in the rivers, lakes, streams, and lagoons. Most of these spots are accessible only by boat and have therefore remained relatively untouched by people, and not few are still unexplored.

Contrary to the Argentinean Patagonia, the Chilean part is mostly covered with temperate rain forests with spectacular native trees. In our southern forests grow up beautiful species of trees such as Coigues, Ulmos, Arrayanes, Alerces, Mañios or Cipreses. This untouched flora is a great remembrance of past times, and rare to find in the rest of the world. And this is not all, here you can see awesome fiords, glaciers, mountains and volcanos, other jewels of the Chilean Patagonia.  
There are hundred or thousands of species of birds in Chile, and Patagonia is home about seventy percent of them, here there are Picaflores, Martin Pescadores, Traros, Tiuques, Aguilas, Chucaos, Condors, among some hundreds more. Otherwise is relatively easy to see otters, minks, foxes and Pudues -native deer- Quiques -Chilean skunks- Guiñas -wild cats- and some other animals of Chile.