Six Days Fishing at "Malito Lodge" Print

Our best fishing package is that we make in the famous Palena area, this is one of the two most untouched region of Chilean Patagonia. The operating zone for this program is the southern part of Palena province, and the "Malito Lodge" is strategically located to optimize your time at all the fishing spots. This one week program allows for coverage of a vast area of trout fishing locations and each one within just a maximum of 1  1/2 hours driving time from the lodge. The lodge is great, comfortable, nice wooden made building with fine woods, located on the riverside, where you can have take off of the fantastic upper Palena river, another day we beging to fish from the lodge, and also there is a fantastic riffle to fish right on the lodge banks, we caught there some of the biggest fish this last season. The lodge is part of a big farm where we have natural food, some of the food we eat is provided by itself. Also we can organize horse back riding and hiking from the lodge. Take a look of some pictures of the lodge.
Fishing here is predominantly done with dry flies. Though, there are some places that are equally productive using wet flies or streamers, such as places that are frequented by big migratory trout or salmon. The species of this region are predominantly rainbows and browns, and there are even places where the beautiful brook char (Fontinalis Salvelinos) can be caught. Although it is not unusual to catch salmon, we are more focused on trout fishing as this is an area globally recognized as one of the very best trout fishing destinations. See some fishing photos of the last season in this wonderful place.
There are a lot of possibilities in terms of difficulty levels, varying from places for expert fishermen who seek out very shy trout, to places for beginners in rivers with abundant populations of less shy trout, from resident to migratory, from small brook trout to big lake and river trout.
This zone, which is characterized for its offer of perhaps the best dry fly fishing in the continent, could also be very productive using small nymphs using droppers (hanging flies), wet, streamers or even sometimes using eggs patterns depending on the location. In some areas big dries are used, such as terrestrials imitating grasshoppers and beetles, and in others fishing with dragonflies is more successful. The average size of the trout caught on dry fly is without doubt world class, difficult to beat anywhere in the world. Read More....